HazardOps End of May Beta Signups Open

Due to the outbreak of attacks all over Europe, including the recent zombie horde threatening a peaceful long-distance run in Berlin, Infernum has no other choice but to announce the deployment of its European forces on the 28th of May. What does this mean? It means that it’s Beta testing time! The game has some pretty incredible looking locations and has you fighting some interesting enemies in a variety of game modes. Fighting against zombies, mutants, giant robots, and armed dinosaurs, come on, who wont like this?

A few hand-picked mercenaries will be dispatched to face the challenges threatening this part of the world, such as cybernetic soldiers, hideous mutants, and rocket-launcher wielding dinosaurs. Cooperation will be the key for players, as the odds are not in their favor. This select group, supposed to spearhead Infernum peace-keeping force deployment later on this year, will be tasked with beta testing the direction of operations until further notice. Whoever thinks they have what it takes can still volunteer and apply for the closed beta test on the official website.