We have a special gift for our members! we currently have 500 keys to give away for Doom Warrior which is currently in closed beta and offers players a chance to engage in arena based combat. We recently did a first impression and audio commentary on the game (Which you can find below). For those wish to claim a key right now, simply like our Facebook page HERE and enter your email into the form below. You’re permitted one key per person and it’s strictly first come first serve.

Update: 06/05/14 – We have added an additional 1000 keys for users to claim for free!

[iframe_loader width=’90%’ height=’60’ frameborder = ‘0’ marginheight=’0′ marginwidth=’0′ src=’http://ragezone.com/keygen_doomwarrior/’]

How to redeem your key!

  1. Download the client from the official website here or click here.
  2. Install the game and run the client.
  3. Register an account and enter your beta key.
  4. DONE! Go kick-ass!
  5. (Bonus) Consider joining our forums and creating your own MMO server.