Age of Ascent is an open universe mmorpg set in space. Later today they are going for an official Guinness World Record. They are gunning to have the most simultaneously players locked in an epic space battle.

There’s no software to install and nothing to download – you don’t even need to register or create an account. They are making it super easy to get involved in this potential piece of gaming history. Just go to on Friday March 14th at 1900GMT / 1400 EST / 1100 PST and you’ll be straight into the action.

When the action starts you will be launched into the game directly through your browser, you will be randomly assigned to either the Red, or Blue team and immediately start to fight it out for unparalleled honour!

These events certainly don’t happen every day, share this post on social media to get the word to as many friends as possible. It would be very cool to be part of a PvP world record this grand!

[youtube id=”NTyRXqeMw8w” width=”600″ height=”350″]