Nightstalker New Advanced Class for Continent of the Ninth Seal

Webzen have released a new class for Continent of the ninth seal (C9). The new class is the Nightstalker, they have powerful summoning abilities and can absorb their own summons for special attacks. This new advanced class for is a progression for the Witchblade class and is now available for all players.

The Nightstalker is a mid-range class that utilises powerful summoning and absorbing attacks whilst wielding a two handed chain blade. With combinations of the skills summon and absorb, they allow you to summon powerful servants to fight for you during the battle and absorb the servants to improve your status and allow you to cause tons of damage.

Whenever a Nighstalker absorbs a servant, they will be able to temporarily use a powerful and unique ability, this changes with each summon.

Anyone who gets their Nightstalker to level 50 or higher before March 26th will receive special prizes. All details about the award can be found via the official website.

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