It’s a chance to get some of your favourite characters and their alternate launch costumes at a big discount. I’m always in favour of cosmetic micro purchases over pay to win. Marvel Heroes players will be able to secure new champions before they are released. If you know you are going to buy the characters and skins anyway, it will save you a lot of money.

By taking an advance pack you will get the new characters from your pack as they are released, no need to wait! Their website says:

DOCTOR STRANGE, Sorcerer Supreme ♦ JUGGERNAUT, the Unstoppable Force

MAGNETO, Master of Magnetism ♦ MOON KNIGHT, the Fist of Khonshu

NIGHTCRAWLER, Master Swordsman, Fuzzy Elf ♦ PSYLOCKE, the Psychic Ninja

SILVER SURFER, Herald of Galactus ♦ SUE STORM, the Invisible Woman

STAR-LORD, Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy ♦ VENOM, the Lethal Protector ..and MORE!


All of these heroes are included in the Marvel Heroes Advance Pack!

The Marvel Heroes Advance Pack is a combination of amazing access and spectacular savings for a limited time only.

As an extra bonus, the Advance Pack Deluxe Edition includes a complimentary Wolverine “Fear Itself” costume and Gambit’s “As Death” Enhanced costume, one month before they are officially released. The Deluxe Edition also includes a free alternate costume for each of 12 heroes, two retcon potions for each hero, and 24 copies of Fortune Card Mark IV, Mark V and Mark VI.

… And, as a limited-time holiday bonus thank you to Marvel Heroes players, order the Deluxe Edition by December 31st plus Avengers Slot and receive a full Ghost Rider hero bundle, including both Ghost Rider costumes, his hero stash tab, and fortune cards. Some of the Advance Pack – Deluxe Edition content even begins shipping this month!