EverQuest Next Landmark Teaser Video and Information

I don’t know about you but I get excited whenever there is news about EverQuest Next. This time it’s big, there’s info on just how you can get into the alpha and beta periods. Enjoy the teaser and the information below.

[youtube id=”wR_BiyGvLIo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Alpha for Landmark is due to begin on or before February 28, 2014. To get access to the Landmark Alpha, you must purchase or obtain either a Trailblazer or Explorer Founder’s Pack. A Trailblazer or Explorer Pack purchase gives you unlimited access to the Landmark Alpha.

Closed Beta is then due to begin on or before March 31, 2014. There are two ways you can gain entrance to the Landmark Closed Beta:

  • Purchase or obtain one of our Founder’s Packs.
  • Acquire a Time-Limited Closed Beta Key

What is a Time-Limited Beta Key?

A Time-Limited Beta Key works like this:
When you redeem your code at EverQuestNext.com or EQNLandmark.com, you will get access to the Landmark Beta for seven days. Time-Limited Beta Keys are stackable – so you can redeem multiple to get additional game time. Time-Limited Beta Keys will be available in a few ways, including:

  • Random selections from the Beta Applicant list
  • Random selections for EverQuest and EverQuest II gold members. To learn more about gold membership, click here for EverQuest and here for EverQuest II.
  • Giveaways and promotions through various gaming websites and our social networks.

We’re excited to have you make your mark in EverQuest Next Landmark!