Absolute Force Online – Twilight Update

Absolute Force Online developer NetDragon has announced new features to make there way into game soon.

Zombie Mode gets a some what Twilight edition update with two new zombie types being introduced, Werewolfs and Vampires. How ever don’t think the evil undead can win easy now they have 2 new players on there team ow no. With the update will see new weapons specifically created to fend of the undead.

What about us who avoid the undead like the plague you ask? Well the future update will also see a new map released “Spring Festival” with new holiday event weapons also. However it does not stop there, NetDragon has also informed of deeper character and weapon customization and a new character development system. This will see new elements such as special titles, in-game achievements and the ability to upgrade weapons and equipment.

We hope to see this update hit soon and can only guess the full details until then.

[youtube id=”Z7qn2vQL03M” width=”600″ height=”350″]