Joymax the publisher of the free to play Digimon MMORPG, has rounded up a sleigh-load of events and prizes for their loyal Digimon Masters! Want to get your Santa’s gift before Christmas? Head on over to to play for free.

What events do you have to look forwards to?

1. Santa will come the moment you log into Digimon Masters: Santa’s presence in the digital world is special, as he will bestow gifts upon players every hour. These presents include EXP boosters, Evoluters, and some of the most popular cash shop items.

2. Catch The Antylamon who stole Christmas gifts.

3. Christmas With Alphamon: players can tame this magnificent beast by combining two specific Digimon.

4. Special Christmas Moments With Digimon Masters: A screenshot competition.

5. Overflowing EXP Event: Double EXP on the weekdays and triple EXP on the weekends.