Still time to go pro in the League of Legends season 3

After season 2 and it’s whopping $5,000,000 prize pool I know many gamers are wanting a piece of the pie this season. You have to get a move on though, any teams created after December 14th will not be eligible regardless of placing.

Here’s a quick rundown of how you make it on the “path to pro”.

  • Hold one of the top 16 positions on EU West or EU Nordic & East in the Ranked Team 5v5 ladder on December 27 by 13:00 CEST to earn a spot in the online qualifier
  • Finish as one of Europe’s top six teams in the online tournament to advance and compete against Season Two’s remaining European Regional competitors and new Challenger Circuit contenders at a live qualifier
  • Place in the top five of the live qualifier for your invitation to go pro in Season Three

For more details check out this page.