RSI Set news crowdfunding record with $6.23m

Chris Roberts has announced that Roberts Space Industries has broken a new crowd funding record by raising a whopping $6.23 million USD for the (spiritual big brother to all the wing commander games) Star Citizen! The previous record was held by Obsidian Entertainment’s Project Eternity title with a more than modest $4.16 million USD.

With an early Alpha test for backers due early next winter fans can still expect to be updated constantly on the progress of Star Citizen and you can guarantee any big news like this I will be posting up here. This will be a brilliant mmo, I just need a time machine to go play it now.

Here are updated stats from the Star Citizen crowd funding campaign as of 1 PM central time on November 19:

·         Kickstarter backers– 34,397
·         Kickstarter funds pledged – $2,134,374
·         Roberts Space Industries backers – 55,270
·         Roberts Space Industries funds raised – $4,104,189
·         Total backers – 89,667
·         Total funds raised and pledged – $6,238,563

“I am absolutely elated by the incredible outpouring of support for this project,” said Roberts. “It’s clear that space sim fans have just been waiting for a game like ours to come along and rekindle some of the excitement that’s been missing from PC games and the space sim genre. With the resources that our fans have provided, it means the team will be able to provide more features in Star Citizen and deliver an even better game.”