Shortly after the release of update 8.0 WarGaming have finally announced they are going to bring in the British tanks to their popular game World of Tanks. Update 8.1 will allow players to control 22 iconic steel fortresses from the Royal Tank Corps, starting from the tiny Vickers Medium Mk I tank, and ending up with the intimidating FV 214 Conqueror top-tier heavyweight.

A few famous tanks have been confirmed such as the Centurion Mk. I-IV and the Centurion Mk. V-XI medium tanks, the heavily armored Matilda medium, and the legendary Churchill heavies which are from the 3 branches of tank released in this update. British SPGs and tank destroyers will be brought out in a future patch.

“The Brits invented the first tank, pioneering the evolution of the whole industry, and it’s an honor for us to greet them in World of Tanks. They are so close, you can hear their tracks rolling!” said Mike Zhivets, World of Tanks Producer. “Their looks are as daunting as their guns, and I’m sure the Brits will make great competitors to other nations in World of Tanks.”

Update 8.1 will also introduce an overhauled rendering and lighting system on five more battle arenas (Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey, and Prokhorovka), and will also add 3 new premium machines.

Check World of Tanks out for free of the official site.