The MapleStory team have announced that on March 14th they shall be updating their servers to the latest patch titled ‘Alliance Unbound’. The patch includes numerous updates and modifications to keep existing players happy. The features include;

  • The Resistance is more powerful and mobile than ever before, driven by their newfound commitment to the Alliance. No one will stand in their way!
  • Aran and Evan are gearing up for a good fight. They’ve gotten even stronger and they are ready to unleash their fury on the despicable servants of the Black Mage!
  • The fairies of Ellin Forest hold a secret you’ll never believe! A whole new tale of corruption and evil unfolds before you beneath the forest canopy. Rescue the occupants of Altaire Camp from the fast-approaching darkness…if you can!
  • Rumors are bubbling up from the New Leaf City of Masteria about…aliens?! Exclusive global MapleStory content is coming your way at warp speed!
    Exciting updates are on the way for your favorite MapleStory game modes Monster Carnival, Nett’s Pyramid, Ghost Ship Dual Raid, Mu Lung Dojo? You name it! Get ready to face a whole new set of challenges in Maple World!
  • Dying for some great new items and some fun new ways to level up? You got it! Alliance Unbound is filled with events that will satisfy everyone; newbies and veterans alike!

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