Right then, where do I begin? Numerous years ago Nexon (MapleStory publishers) hired Mr Lloyd Korn to rid the world of MapleStory developments. Mr Korn took it upon himself to contact a previous host and had us remove the section to which I had no choice to comply (Despite the details being incorrect). A friend of mine who had been with RaGEZONE for some time called Francisco who headed FranTech offered us sponsorship (hardware) in exchange for advertising and would permit the use of MapleStory given he was fully aware of the legal situation surrounding it.

Since then, Nexon have issued several court cases against developers who are minors (Underage). During our transfer all attempts from Mr Lloyd Korn where ignored until Nexon then decided to throw down a huge lump sum of money and hired a Bradley J Freedman and unlike Lloyd this man had legitimate credentials and was also very respectful during his communication. Mr Freedman came forth with the same argument as Lloyd but had issued paperwork to sue FranTech for liability.


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