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I would first like to clarify that my use of XYZ in my last article was a wildcard, you could put any MMO on there. XYZ is not the latest game about to come out. Also I’m female, not male. Being completely self-centered and worried about my image I read everything I could about my articles. Both on RZ and other sites (I can see the referrals into my own site, here). After reading the responses I’ve decided I probably didn’t make my ideas clear enough or didn’t explain them properly. So today I’m going to talk about this, this, this and this. This is just what I’ve seen talked about on other forums, RaGEZONE and what my own friends have said.

The subtleties of MMOs and why are they are addictive
This article was about the techniques MMO’s employ, from social, economic and gameplay, including Skinner Box techniques  (I wrote a post in the Habbo section on how to add these to retros if you’re interested). For anyone saying; “oh you don’t make friends, there’s no social experience” this also links into my social experience, but I’ll go into more detail. What I think would be a better word is connections, similar to the ones you make in business. I thought I might also add that skinner box techniques are bad things, and artificially length and increase your playtime. You can achieve addiction from simply having a fun, detailed, well written game. However with MMO’s this becomes a bit different since you have to make the playtime last hours, and smaller games will have to rely on these techniques. People who buy/subscribe to the game bring money, money is needed for staff, staff are needed for a story, aesthetics and that stuff which doesn’t need techniques to be addicted. I don’t agree with the use of skinner boxes, but sometimes they’re necessary for a game to get off the ground.

Why are all MMORPGs WoW clones?
Yes, am I aware that there are direct WoW clones, but I was referring to statements like this one. No developer has the money or the staff or the publisher/investor to go through the whole MMORPG cycle in the hope that they hit a jackpot, when the chances are they’ll just end up like WoW. My point is, WoW got a head start the media needs to stop assuming that the headstart makes it clone.

Why XYZ is not a WoW killer
No there is not a new game called XYZ which I have access to. And my whole point on the issue was not that RIFT, Guild Wars 2 and whatever else is a quick cash grab for publishers taking on WoW. The real WoW killer will be WoW, either it will die like a ember from a money and gold fueled flame or become so good it takes over the world. Which ever one happens the real WoW killer, the one which takes it on when WoW is popular will have Facebook and Google+ integration, have tons of ways to play, have an amazing and compelling story and have amazing aesthetics.

The social experience of MMOs
I think my use of the word friend was a silly move on my part, call it connections. However all MMO’s need some kind of social connection, the social connection to a game makes you play it even though it sucks more than Noo noo. It why any game from Zynga makes your parents try and send you cows and fish and why all your friends are talking about their farms. WoW may suck, and many people don’t like it- be it the gameplay or the way it sucks souls from players bodies. However, a bunch of your mates play it and even watching My Little Pony becomes cool when you’re drunk/stoned and with your friends. Hell even Wii games become cool with friends.

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