For the ones who have been asking about the Final Fantasy XI balance update, there is no longer a need to ask. The Final Fantasy XI team has revealed much information regarding changes coming in the next major update. Upgrades, which will revolve around Final Fantasy XI jobs, have been listed on the Square-Enix website. Within the new job update lays a vast amount of huge changes to both spells and abilities, each of which have been noted on the official website in helpful charts to guide players.

Listed are a few adjustments made to the abilities of these jobs:

  • The effectiveness of the THF job trait “Treasure Hunter” will occasionally increase with each melee attack landed. Further, damage dealt with either the “Sneak Attack” or “Trick Attack” ability will have a greater likelihood of enhancing this trait. *Effect active only when main job is set to THF.
  • Thieves will learn the job trait “Treasure Hunter III” upon attaining level 90.
  • Elemental ninjutsu damage will increase based on ninjutsu skill.
    *Effect active only when main job is set to NIN.
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