As World of Warcraft: Cataclysm nears, Blizzard Entertainment releases information on Patch 4.0.1 as it goes live. Patch 4.0.1 represents the first major patch of the Cataclysm expansion cycle. Up until now, WOW was set on patch 3.x.x, which signified Wrath of the Lich King content. That is all behind us now. This patch will not bring changes to the world around you however Cataclysm will. New zones, new races, new profession tiers, new battlegrounds, archeology or just generally any level 81+ content will also not be available in this patch however will also be presented during the official Cataclysm release. Lastly, flying in old Azeroth will not be allowed in this patch. What this patch does focus on is changes to your character and character-based mechanics such as guilds, talents, abilities, gear, etc. A few changes in the patch are as follows (there is much more listed in the forums):

  • Item stats and their values have undergone a complete overhaul.
  • Reforging will be implemented allowing customization of some gear stats.
  • The current 51-point trees are being replaced by new 31-point trees. With this comes new abilities, new specialization requirements and the mastery system.
  • Spell ranks have been abandoned. Spells are only required to be learned once and will automatically increase in power as you level.
  • Glyphs are now required to only be learned once, instead of buying a new glyph every time you need to replace one of your existing ones.
  • Mana regeneration has been adjusted and will probably be noticeably different at level 80+
  • Currency for gear has undergone a rather large up-scaling.
  • Guilds have a capacity of 1,000 members.
  • Flexible raid locks will be implemented.

The first major patch for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is now live. Take the opportunity to experience major class and talent changes, all-new user interface options, and other systems improvements setting the framework for World of Warcraft’s third expansion. For all of the latest information regarding patch 4.0.1, be sure to review the resources linked below.

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