International publisher of MMO games, Frogster, has secretly secured another promising MMORPG project. They have licensed the yet secret client-based fantasy MMORPG from Shanda Games (the Chinese leading interactive media company) and plan to direct it towards audiences for North America and the whole of Europe (excluding Russia and CIS States). The license will represent that largest cooperation between Shanda Games and a European partner so far.

The project is based on the powerful Gamebryo-Engine that has already been used for role-playing hits such as Fallout 3 and is set for Western audiences. The game is planned to be launched in year 2012 by Frogster while being free-to-play and using the same financial procedure many other F2P MMOs have used; item shops where players are able to purchase virtual items and services.

“This deal with Shanda Games adds yet another prominent MMORPG project to our portfolio. By simultaneously licensing the game for North America and Europe, we made another step to establish as one of the leading MMO game publishers in the Western world,” commented Andreas Weidenhaupt, member of the executive board and Chief Licensing Officer of Frogster, on the signing of the license.


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