The next Runes of Magic update will bring players a new challenging instance. The instance, Kawak’s Tomb, is rich with puzzles, booby traps and five guardians as well as a small scarab that will mean more upon close observation rather at first glance. This instance revolves around an ancient legend that tells of “Kawak Grollfang,” former leader of the Iron Teeth, a barbarous tribe of canine people and his sacrifice for the benefit of the people after luring his enemies in a deadly trap. Within this area lays his sarcophagus and the dungeon that will dare players to attempt.

Be it flipping the correct switch in one room, dodging spikes in another, or defeating opponents in the correct order, the new instance will put the heat on even the most experienced and best equipped players. As soon as the coast appears to be clear, the next guardian emerges, itching for a fight. This is assuming that players are able to find and open the half-concealed passages that lead to the bosses. A stronger opponent waits behind every door – a legendary general, a mutant beetle and three Rune Guardians possessing magical powers stand in the way of the golden sarcophagus of Kawak Angerfang.


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