Forsaken World Beta

Perfect World Entertainment has yet again outdone themselves with the release of beta stages of their seventh online game, Forsaken World. This Western-themed MMORPG successfully launched Phase 1 of closed beta testing on October 27, 2010 to the selected few of applicants for testing. As they precede beta stages, more and more players will be allowed access to the closed beta for testing purposes. Eventually, all players will have the opportunity to play during a closed beta phase. PWE Entertainment intends to also set a level cap of 30 and restrict many maps and features for the first three to four weeks of testing which will then be followed by another phase of testing with a raised level cap and further features.

While many people are still wondering what will be focused on in terms of gameplay and mechanics, it is known that the MMO offers 8 different classes. Such classes will include both class roles (crafting, refining, etc.) and stranger classes like bards and vampires. Although a storyline has not yet been presented, features have. Those features include starting zones (towns) for all races, beginner pets and pet functions, guild wars, arena battles, dueling, and the ever so popular cash shop. As far as graphics are concerned, they are very similar to those of World of Warcraft and should be appealing to any player. Overall, the game is going to attract many online gamers and will surpass all of PWE’s previous releases.

For those that want to sign up for beta testing you can visit the website, and apply for a beta key.

*A note to those with Beta Keys from PWE: “Before registering an account, it should be noted that redeeming a Forsaken World beta key has one guaranteed effect: it will get you into the closed beta of Forsaken World. However, the closed beta for Forsaken World is broken up into phases. These phases are designed to gradually let people into the game and are not an all-encompassing section of the beta test. Future phases will let more and more people in, until every single person with an activated beta key will have access to the game. This is why your beta key is worth having, because by applying it, you are reserving your spot for closed beta testing as it moves forward.”

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