Ragecast is moving house!

If you read the forums from time to time you’ll hopefully know that we publish a general gaming podcast every week(*) bringing you the latest in gaming news and events. We would like to inform you that from this point on any future shows will be published to the main page of ragezone.com

Below I will answer a couple of potential questions that I expect shall be wondered at the very latest.

Why are you moving the site?

The reasons behind this change is it makes much more sense to publish our shows direct on the ragezone.com frontpage instead of on our sister domain (rage-cast.com). Seeing as the majority of the heavy users visit the site daily, we will be able to announce new shows on the fly without spamming the forum news and announcements.

What do I need to change so I can continue listening?

Absolutely nothing, all of the RSS feeds will stay the same, if you do happen to prefer for some strange reason to visit rage-cast.com we will be redirecting the site to the front page where you can find the latest shows. Any archives will be listed in the ragecast section on the forums.

(*) Weekly would be a downright fabrication, at the moment the hosts are having difficulty producing shows on a weekly basis, listening to the latest show (recorded ready for the 27th) will detail the reasons.