TERA has an EU publisher! But is this great news?

On the 14th of July TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea had confirmed their publisher for Europe. This is fantastic news for the European community, until it was revealed that Frogster Interactive were to be dealing with the Europe side of things.

What is so bad with this you might ask? Well back in late December of 2008, Frogster Interactive released a small F2P game called “Runes of Magic.” Starting out with a solid beta phase, the game launched only to have several complaints of sub-par customer service and rocky server stability. The average MMO player would not know much about this but for the hardened veteran who plays an excessive amount of MMOs that is looking forward to TERA, it would be fair to say they are feeling a bit glum after hearing this news.

Following the announcement, the TERA forums have been flooded with backlash over the choice of publisher. The complaints went so far that Daniel Ullrich, director of product management at Frogster Online Gaming went to the extent of writing an “open letter” to the fans of TERA over at the forums, the letter goes on to answer the majority of the communities questions including customer service, censorship and server stability.

I can understand the reasons behind the backlash, TERA is set to be on the P2P platform and if I was to pay for TERA, I would expect exceptional customer service and server stability. I would personally let a few things slide on launch day for the server stability side but in the end, that is what betas are for. Although if the above is indeed true in the letter, the developers (Bluehole Studios) and the US publishers (En Masse Entertainment) will be working along side Frogster to make sure all endeavours will be handled simultaneously. We shall have to see for ourselves on launch day I guess.