The Wait is over for RuneScape Fans

The long anticipated wait is over. TheAJ and Futwurk bring you the newest and till this date most advanced Runescape Emulator out there.

Jolt Environment is a powerful RuneScape emulator. Assembled in the programming language C#, it is powered by a MySQL database  and an Ion database storage. It is also a user friendly environment for the simpler users who don’t have quite the knowledge yet. Jolt Environment is an open-source project currently being developed by AJ Ravindiran and Matthew Palmer. Under the GNU License agreement, the project files are free for distribution and developing. It is required that you do not remove the banner in the source files to show support for the original developer.

– Written in C# (.NET Framework, CLR 4.0)
– RuneScape 508 version
– Uses MySQL database storage (w/ Ion)


– Account Creation via client
– Character Saving/Loading (via MySQL serialization)
– Ground Objects
– Ground Items (with manager for managing character specific, and global items).
– Ground Items spawns (loaded via mysql database).
– Full Character setup
– Banking
– Inventory
– Equipment
– Equipment Bonuses
– System updating (option to shut down or restart)
– NPC rendering
– NPC spawning via mysql
– NPC Speech (Speeches per npc spawn loaded via mysql)
– NPC Walking (TRUE walking, it walks multiple squares, unlike rs2hd/pali where it only moves 1 square per random walk)
– Many other small features (too much to list)
– All-round source fixes
– Stability improvements

Here you can find download information, and give feedback, etc.
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