Mythic wants you back to WAAAGH!

Effective from the (late) 7th of July, the folks over at Bioware Mythic will have taken over full publishing and operational responsibilities for WAR (Warhammer Online: Age of reckoning) from the previous operators GOA.

To celebrate the change Bioware Mythic will be extending the playtime to all current and former GOA WAR players by 2 weeks for free. In human speak, if you owned a WAR account which has been active at anytime before the 7th of July, you can log back into WAR for free until the 23rd. Confirmation of this announcement has been sent via email to all valid candidates, so go check yours.

(P.S. Upon receiving my confirmation e-mail, I discovered that during its travel along the internet superhighway my dark elf had her head decapitated. I have no idea what happened if it was murder or a stealth marketing ploy by WAR, but never the less anyone with information on this tragic event should get in touch with your local authorities.)